Christopher Grubb

Finance Director
I’m the founder of Inform Perform and a fellow business owner. I’m a terrible salesperson but do have an unhealthy thirst for business and accounting knowledge. I enjoy supporting fellow small business owners while keeping their investors happy. I’ve got good experience across creative agencies, tech companies, plus crypto and blockchain and can help support your drive for growth and simplify your numbers. Any semblance of spare time is occupied by my partner and two daughters. On the personal side I’m a keen swimmer, cyclist, and runner and cycle to work most day. I also still try to keep a keen eye on the soap-opera which is premier league football.

Nino Lavrelashvili

Finance Manager
Hi I’m Nino. I have worked within and managed Accounts Departments for over 14 years. I enjoy all aspects of finance and business. I have a passion for figures and number crunching, a good attention to detail, and take great pride in delivering reliable and timely accounts whereby considered decisions and actions can be taken. I am very dedicated to my profession and clients but while away from work I love being with my 6-year-old son and watching him play football. I’m a part time model and also like to bake traditional Georgian food.

Dan Surname

Operations Director
Hi I’m Dan. I’ve accrued over 20 years of experience in designing business operations, processes and work-flows, and friendly and efficient teams. I am driven by passion, people and purpose every day. I enjoy coaching individuals, leading teams, and integrating organisations with near perfect alignment for performance improvement, talent development and loyalty, and forming strong and long-lasting relationships across the company. In my spare time I enjoy football and was a former goalkeeper.

Evi Yanti

Finance Manager
Hey I'm Evi. I have a PhD in Economics and Finance plus a Masters in Accounting and Finance. I have over 15 years of working within both finance corporations plus small accountancy practices. I now enjoy working inside the tent for small businesses to help straighten the numbers and improve performance. In addition to working for Inform Perform, I am a lecturer at the Bournemouth University International College.

"I look to utilise Inform Perform's expertise far beyond just accounting tasks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the entire Inform Perform team to anyone!"

James Hanslip

CEO of Think Clever Media

“I really appreciate the support and advice that Inform Perform have brought. It’s great to have Chris within the team, on both a professional and personal level.”

Chris Jenkins

CEO of MRC Presents

“It was a genuinely seamless transition to switch our internal accounting to Inform Perform. They’re a trusted and fun member of the team.”

Kriss Bennett

CEO of Createful

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