We think businesses of all shapes and sizes will benefit from access to Finance Director support, and that includes you. Which is why we keep our rates low.

Benefits of your Part-Time Finance Director

If you’re looking for a part-time FD to join your team, chances are you’re extremely busy.

So we won’t delve deep into what we can offer. In a nutshell, we take responsibility for your company's financial health, and improve performance by improving your decision-making.

We're a fresh perspective and a sound board for your ideas, because sometimes what we see is as much about perspective and experience, as it is what we are looking at.

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Working with Director/s to develop your business strategy
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Creating budgets and forecasts to achieve your objectives
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Cashflow forecasting and monitoring
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Simplified management information and reporting
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Tailored KPIs to identify early warnings
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Offering financial insight and presenting opportunities
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Supporting and challenging you at decision level
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Delivering Board Reports
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Attending Board and any related meetings
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Creating inspiring investor packs
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Providing operational support
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Freeing you of your time

Inform Perform Equity Investors

Each year, we agree to forego fees in return for a small equity stake in up-and-coming startups.

Our Equity Investor programme is assessed on a case-by-case basis to enable ambition-rich, cash-poor, startups to achieve their success in the best possible shape.

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Equity Investors

"I look to utilise Inform Perform's expertise far beyond just accounting tasks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the entire Inform Perform team to anyone!"

James Hanslip

CEO of Think Clever Media

“I really appreciate the support and advice that Inform Perform have brought. It’s great to have Chris within the team, on both a professional and personal level.”

Chris Jenkins

CEO of MRC Presents

“It was a genuinely seamless transition to switch our internal accounting to Inform Perform. They’re a trusted and fun member of the team.”

Kriss Bennett

CEO of Createful

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