Driven by people

We’re people who genuinely love helping businesses like yours grow. Numbers are just the start. Our job is about taking your ambitions for your business, and making them our own.

We put our time and energy into understanding your business, your culture, and your people. We want to ‘fit’ into your business seamlessly to become that indispensable part of your team.

As your part-time FD or Bookkeeper, we bring expertise at a fraction of the cost. You get full commitment without the overheads or responsibility of a full-time employee. Flexible hours, flexible billing, no wordy contracts or tie-ins, and – hallelujah! – total buy-in.

Confidence in numbers

We’re hands-on. This isn’t a top-level inspection of your data. We work, so you don’t have to.

It’s our experience that many business’ accounts are incomplete, and often – to the business’ best efforts – fundamentally wrong. It’s no wonder many SME owners don’t trust the numbers – they were never right in the first place.

Aligning the numbers with your business and operations is our first port of call, before making them work smarter to achieve your objectives.

Some say a passion for numbers is geeky. We say it’s pretty darn cool. Especially when it leads to champagne-popping success.


Delivered by tech

We aim to incorporate the most efficient online platforms and applications within every process. If we can automate it, we will.

We provide all clients access to our online planning and reporting platform, providing three-way budgets, forecasts and actuals. This delivers insightful dashboards and reports, improves speed, reduces errors, and instills confidence.

Ethics and Responsibility

Economic growth by worsening social or environmental outcomes is not success.

We can’t claim to be saving the world one number at a time, but we’re committed to doing our best. We expect our customers to operate sustainably, sensibly, and with integrity too.

We will not work for any company who does not treat employees, suppliers or the environment with the respect each deserves.

Inform Perform do our bit to neutralise every employee’s full carbon-footprint through Ecologi. We would love for you to do the same.

If you know of any other charities or initiatives that you think we should get involved with, then just drop us a line.


"I look to utilise Inform Perform's expertise far beyond just accounting tasks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the entire Inform Perform team to anyone!"

James Hanslip

CEO of Think Clever Media

“I really appreciate the support and advice that Inform Perform have brought. It’s great to have Chris within the team, on both a professional and personal level.”

Chris Jenkins

CEO of MRC Presents

“It was a genuinely seamless transition to switch our internal accounting to Inform Perform. They’re a trusted and fun member of the team.”

Kriss Bennett

CEO of Createful

Our story so far

I launched Inform Perform in 2017 to offer in-house support to small business owners and young startups who require a deeper, hands-on level of assistance with their finances and business strategy.

Just three years on, we’re already a small team of professionals.

We’ve purposely created an informal and easy approach to become as popular as we are trusted. Although I hope we succeed at both.

And we’ve become as revered among investors as the business owners themselves, as we free the management team of their time, while delivering an independent and accurate appraisal of the company’s performance on a monthly basis.

We want to simplify your numbers and your business, make it fun, and tailored to you.

Christopher Grubb